Daily Programming Schedule

07:00 AMMy Two DadsPlaying With Fire
07:30 AMMy Two DadsDirty Dating
08:00 AMGrowing PainsFortunate Son
08:30 AMGrowing PainsDouble Standard
09:00 AMSupernannyThe Drake Family
10:00 AMSupernannyThe Chapman Family
11:00 AMSupernannyThe Schumacher Family
12:00 PMSupernannyThe An-Duan Family
13:00 PM7th HeavenVote
14:00 PM7th HeavenFathers
15:00 PM7th HeavenRegret To Inform
16:00 PM7th HeavenWhy Not Me
17:00 PMGilmore GirlsWe've Got Magic to Do
18:00 PMGilmore GirlsTwenty-One is the Loneliest Number
19:00 PMGilmore GirlsLet Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out
20:00 PMGilmore GirlsThe Prodigal Daughter Returns
21:00 PMGilmore GirlsHe's Slippin' Him Bread...Dig?
22:00 PMGilmore GirlsThe Perfect Dress
23:00 PMThe ParkersAn Ivy League Of Her Own
23:30 PMThe ParkersTil Death Do Us Part - And Make It Soon
00:00 AMThe ParkersSquatter's Rights
00:30 AMThe ParkersA Plot With A View
01:00 AMEverybody Hates ChrisEverybody Hates A Part-Time Job
01:30 AMEverybody Hates ChrisEverybody Hates Picture Day
02:00 AMEverybody Hates ChrisEverybody Hates Valentine's Day
02:30 AMEverybody Hates ChrisEverybody Hates the Lottery